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Bedrock Creations is currently recruiting resellers across the US & Canada to tell the unique Bedrock Creations Kitchen in a BOXTM story.

Our Reseller Partners enjoy a unique product not matched in the industry for it's  Beauty, Simplicity, Flexibility & Amazing End User Acceptance. This is not a product that needs to be sold.  Once you have placed the Bedrock Creations' Edge into the hands of a prospective End User Client, the selling process is typically over. 

We also provide our Reseller Partners with Uncomplicated and Simple Terms of Business. Our requirements are passion and dedication to a positive End User Experience that will lead to word of mouth advertising and referral sales for both our Reseller Partners and Bedrock Creations Products !

We have a variety of tools to help you Present, Sell & Place Your Orders for Kitchen in a BOXTM.
  • Kitchen in a BOXTM Calculator
  • Highly Informative Website
  • Glossy Matching Literate
  • Retail Packaged Sample Kits
  • Professionally Labeled Bulk Samples
  • Display Boards - For In House & Travel
  • Display Stand - Counter Top
  • Display Stand - Floor Standing
  • Phone Support - 7AM to 5PM PDT

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